Cat Hideouts

Where's your cat?
Keeping you guessing is all part of the plan.

  1. Cats find comfort in places where they can see without being seen.

    You may notice that your cat disappears for stretches of time. 

    It’s not a sign of antisocial behavior. Your cat is merely acting just as its ancestors in the wild would do – seeking out safe, concealed places to relax while still being able to keep tabs on his or her surroundings.

    There are a number of ways you can make hideouts available throughout your home. 

  2. No Cost Ideas

    Take a quick pass through your home to Identify places where your cat can seek refuge. Let him or her explore and lounge under your bed or behind the sofa. Try clustering some cat safe plants together to create some cover. If you have a bookcase, try pulling the books towards the front of the shelf to leave room to hide behind them.

    You can also drape a towel or blanket over an end or coffee table to create a ‘fort’ beneath. Another quick and easy idea? Whenever you receive a package, leave the box out for a few days.

    As you begin to try a few things, start with high traffic areas. This will let you see if your cat is taking to the new hideout. The preferred low-traffic areas will still be there to fall back on if your cat is tentative about the new locations. If you opt to cover off on both at the same time, keep tabs on which type of area your cat likes best – high or low spaces? How about busier or quieter places in your home?

    To Complete This Step

    Take a picture of your cat hiding out in a place you’ve created. In your notes, describe current favorite hideouts, why you picked the new location and what you did to make it more cat friendly. How long did it take for your cat to discover it?

  3. Make a DIY 'Hidey' Box

    You can make a simple hideout by cutting an entry in the side of a box that’s large enough for your cat. Try lining it with a small fleece blanket or other fuzzy fabric. Then get creative with decorating the outside of the box. This is a great project for families to make together.

    To Complete This Step

    Upload a picture of your finished “Hidey Box,” a shot of you or your family making it or one of your cat enjoying her new space. Make a note about any special touches you made to it.

  4. Trick out Your Space

    Optional: Consider purchasing specially designed furniture or structures or fabric tunnels/cozies. Some are functional end tables with cozy caverns on the bottom. Others are wavy shelves or freestanding structures that let your cat nest in the nooks.

    To Complete This Activity

    If you’ve purchased a piece of furniture or gear, save an image of her putting it to use. As for your journal, make note of what you liked about it. Now that you have multiple hiding spots in your home, watch to see if patterns emerge as to when she uses them.

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