Rooms with a View

Nature is amazing.
Give your cat a front row seat.

  1. It’s healthy to give your cat safe exposure to the world outside your home.

    While we believe that keeping an indoor cat is a responsible choice, it's still important for your cat to stay in tune with natural surroundings.

    Your cat’s ancestors have passed down highly developed senses, each tailor made for seeking prey and avoiding danger: a discerning nose; finely-tuned hearing; and eyes that can detect the slightest movement, even in extremely low light.

    To help stimulate these senses, try these activities to introduce the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors from within the safety of your home.

  2. Places to Park

    Create multiple, cat-friendly areas near windows or patio doors to give your cat or kitten a place to take in the action outside. This may be a mat on a wide windowsill, a bench seat or shelves.

    A strategically placed bird feeder can provide plenty of sights and sounds.

    Also, try adding flowering, cat-safe plants to attract butterflies into view.

    If you prefer to keep your cat off the furniture, consider buying a cat tree or shelves that are designed specially for cats. And place the piece(s) near the window or patio door.

    To Complete This Step

    Place a cat bed, pillow or blanket in a location near a window or door. Entice your cat to it with a treat. How long did it take before your cat made those places his or her own? Is there a favorite place? If your cat rotates locations, pay attention to where they are at certain times of day. Take note of your observations, and upload a photo in a favorite place.

  3. Brighten Up

    Be mindful of keeping shades open to let your cat see out and bask in the in the sun’s warming rays. 

    To Complete This Step

    Make it a point to draw the blinds or curtains in a few locations throughout your home before you leave for the day. Is your cat more apt to roost near the windows or door when the sun is shining? What about activity with birds or other animals outside? Make an entry in your Journal about what you see.

  4. Welcome the Wind

    When weather permits, crack open a window or door to let the breeze – along with all of the scents and sounds it carries – to roll on through. To avoid a fall or escape, just be certain the screen is sturdy enough to keep your cat safely contained.

    To Complete This Activity

    Save this one for when you’re home. Does your cat actively sniff while near the screen? Is there a reaction to certain noises? Describe your experience.

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