28-Day Challenge

See the differences made when you serve your cat proven nutrition in every dish.

  1. Caring for a cat is a big responsibility. By taking part in this challenge, you've made a commitment to make a difference in the life of your cat because feeding advanced nutrition from Purina ONE can lead to a life filled with health and happiness.

    Over the course of the challenge, we'll send you an email each week to keep you on track towards your goal as you learn about the ways you can see the nutrition is working.

    Ready to begin?

  2. Prep

    Have you purchased your bag of Purina ONE cat food? Here's a coupon to help you get started. 

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    It's time to begin the ONE smart change that should impact the life of your cat for the better. 

    This process of switching to Purina ONE should take about 7-10 days to complete. Just serve a little less of your cat's current food each day while adding a little more Purina ONE. Do this each day until you're feeding Purina ONE exclusively. This gradual progress will keep your routine running smoothly. 

    Make a Journal Entry

    As you get deeper into the transition, your cat should show excitement and anticipation when you serve Purina ONE dry food.

  3. Eager Eating

    Has your cat completed the transition to eating Purina ONE? If so, let's get started. 

    While every bag of Purina ONE contains outstanding nutrition, we pay equal attention to what cats like to eat. This means every one of our recipes is proven to have the tastes and textures cats desire, so we're confident yours will eagerly enjoy the delicious flavors of our cat food. 

    What to Expect Next

    The first thing you may notice is your cat showing signs of healthy energy.

    Make a Journal Entry

    With the transition to Purina ONE complete, is your cat eating more eagerly than before? Note this or any other changes you've seen during the transition and upload a photo of your cat at mealtime.

  4. Healthy Energy

    It's the end of the first week of sharing a new food in your feeding routine and your cat should be showing signs of feel-good energy.

    Our products are formulated to be among the highest protein formulas widely available, and are always made with real poultry or fish. High protein, along with appropriate levels of fat and essential vitamins and minerals, helps support healthy, active life. 

    What to Expect Next

    Want clues for how your cat's nutrition is working? Look to litter box. Because the more highly digestible the food your cat takes in, the less waste that comes out. 

    Make a Journal Entry

    Is your cat more active or playful during the day? Are you spending more time together? Is your cat showing signs of healthy energy since starting to eat Purina ONE? Share your experience and upload a photo of this or any other changes you've noticed this week.

  5. Less Waste

    Maintaining a clean litter box is a vital part of your routine as a cat owner. It also gives you an opportunity to keep tabs on your cat's output.

    Purina ONE's formulas are designed with nutrient availability in mind. When nutrients are readily available for your cat's body, less goes to waste. Tight, well-formed poops are a sign that the advanced nutrition is going to work inside your cat.

    What to Expect Next

    By continuing to feed Purina ONE over the course of the next week, you should notice your cat's eyes to be clear and bright. The coat should be soft to the touch and have a nice sheen. Watch for these differences during the special times you enjoy spending together.

    Make a Journal Entry

    Since starting the challenge, have you noticed if your cat is passing smaller, firmer stools? Make a note of this or other changes you've seen this week, and upload an image of your cat feeling good.

  6. Bright Eyes, Shiny Coat

    Petting, grooming and serving food, each gives you an opportunity to bond with your cat. They also let you take inventory of your cat's health. Look at your cat's eyes and feel the coat. Your cat's coat should be shiny, skin smooth and eyes clear and bright, thanks to the Omega 6 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals provided by Purina ONE. 

    What to Expect Next

    Over the next week, you should feel good about another key benefit of feeding Purina ONE's advanced nutrition: dental health.

    Make a Journal Entry

    Have you noticed brighter eyes and softer, shinier coat? Make a note and upload of a photo of these or any other changes you've seen.

  7. Clean Teeth

    After feeding Purina ONE for a number of weeks, important changes continue to occur inside your cat's body. While the changes you may have seen in previous weeks were easy to spot, the results you'll see this week may not be as apparent. But they are just as important. 

    Purina ONE's crunchy kibble helps reduce the buildup of plaque and whiten teeth, while calcium and phosphorus help keep your cat's teeth strong and healthy. This means teeth that are clean, white and strong while promoting healthy gums and fresh breath. 

    Beneath the Surface:

    A healthy immune system helps your cat stay healthy now and for years to come. Our formulas include a unique blend of antioxidant vitamins and minerals designed to make a healthy difference inside your cat’s body by supporting a strong immune system and on the outside by supporting healthy skin.


    Make a Journal Entry

    Make note of any changes you have noticed recently. And upload a photo of your healthy, happy cat.

  8. Congratulations!

    Congratulations! You and your cat have completed the 28-Day Challenge Activity. By doing so, you've introduced your cat to a lifetime of great taste and healthy eating with the advanced nutrition of Purina ONE.

    Next Steps

    There are more opportunities to continue strengthening your routines and keep your cat on a path to health and happiness.

    In the Purina ONE Cat Journal, we have a collection of activities to help you learn even more about your cat's natural instincts and behaviors while strengthening the connection you share.

    Next, we recommend you try the Wet + Dry Together Activity. You’ll learn why it can be beneficial to include Purina ONE wet food in your cat’s feeding routine, along with why the tastes and textures of these different formulas can help bring enjoyment to your cat’s day and help keep your cat hydrated.

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