Yearly Checkup

Cats are experts at hiding.
Especially illness and injury.

  1. Your veterinarian is trained to spot symptoms that you can easily miss. So regular physicals are vital to the wellness of your cat.

    While your cat at home doesn’t face the threat of injury or predation that are part of daily life for cats in the wild, there are plenty of factors that can influence her long-term health.

    A yearly check-in with your veterinarian is an important step in this process of keeping a healthy and happy cat. Cats are very good at hiding illness, because in the wild, that becomes a sign of weakness. So besides providing necessary vaccinations, your vet is trained to recognize and detect underlying diseases that you might otherwise miss.

  2. Make it a Point

    Your veterinarian applies both training and experience to diagnose any problems, especially symptoms that aren’t clearly obvious. The first step is to make an appointment and get it on your calendar.

    To Complete This Step

    Make sure you have your appointment scheduled. Record it in your notes. And upload a favorite picture of your cat.

  3. Travel Right

    A cat carrier or travel bag can play a role in making the trip to the clinic a smooth one. The sides of the carrier make your cat comfortable by defining the space. While ventilation allows the scents of the new surroundings to enter before you attend the exam. 

    Just know that it’s important to get your cat to associate the carrier or travel bag with positive experiences. So mix in some trips to say, the park to go leash walking, so that not every trip inside the carrier should end at the veterinarian’s office.

    To Complete This Step

    Before your vet visit, take a trip or two to get your cat acclimated to traveling in the carrier. Save a picture of your adventure for your Journal, and describe your cat’s reaction to the trip.

  4. Maintaining Good Health

    Over and above the routine physical exam, stool sample analysis and blood work, stay current on vaccinations. Especially if you plan on doing any outdoor activities together such as Leash Walking.  

    Adjust your cat’s diet or activity level based on recommendations from your veterinarian.

    To Complete This Activity

    Make a note about anything you and your vet discussed about your cat’s health. Save it to your Journal along with a picture of your healthy, happy cat.

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