Teaming Up with Dognition®

Purina ONE and Dognition: Bringing you New Insights about all dogs – and about YOUR dog too!

It’s our mission to bring the latest scientific innovations together to help owners provide the best possible health and wellbeing for their dogs. Sometimes, that means going out into the world to partner with people doing groundbreaking work. That’s why it was only natural for us to team up with Dognition.

Dognition is both a service and a research project co-founded by Dr. Brian Hare, assistant professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University. Here’s how it works:

Dognition for Pet Owners

Many people wonder how their dogs think and why they behave certain ways. Dognition provides owners with a series of science-based games that help them understand their dog’s unique abilities. Whether your dog is a Charmer, an Ace or a Renaissance Dog, the service’s fun, educational profiles let owners gain new insight into their dog’s approach to life.

Dognition also offers an annual subscription including further science-based games, training articles, activities and tools customized for your dog based on your dog’s way of seeing the world.

Dognition for The Science World

Many people talk about how “smart” different dog breeds are, or how different types of dogs excel intellectually. Up until now, this knowledge has been mostly anecdotal.

Dognition’s larger mission is to change that, while expanding on what “smart” means when describing canines. Using something called “citizen-science,” it collects data from the many pet owners participating and analyzes that data to create a research database that will provide the scientific world with a deeper look at the many different breeds of dogs.

Because we know firsthand the types of scientific innovations that can come from better understanding all kinds of dogs, we’re excited to see what Dognition does next, and to learn from the insights they’ll gain.

See what it’s all about now.