GOOD Ideas About Shelter Pets

The most amazing stories often start with a simple thought, a simple idea, a simple desire to do good in the world. That’s especially true in the world of shelters and shelter pets, where people are always seeking simple ways to improve the lives of cats and dogs awaiting adoption — and to change the negative perceptions that too often keep shelter pets from finding a permanent home. 

Throughout 2013, we’re partnering with GOOD to share all kinds of inspiring stories about pets and the people who care for them, including shelter staff and supporters. The Shelter Spotlight series on our GOOD Pets hub shines a light on some extraordinary work, such as the SF SPCA’s innovative approach to shelter marketing and the Michigan Humane Society’s unique outreach program at a local correctional facility. 

Visit the GOOD Pets hub every week to see new stories about the simple goodness that pets bring into our lives and our communities. You can also visit our Pet Welfare Pursuit to learn more about our network of shelter partners and simple ways that you can get involved by helping a shelter in your own community.