28 Reasons to take the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with Your Cat

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As part of our 28-Day Challenge, we’re encouraging cats and their owners to switch to Purina ONE® for 28 days and share their experiences with us and other cat owners. What visible differences will you see in your cat?

Start your challenge today!

Cat owners who are making the switch have been sharing their stories. Here’s what they’ve had to say—before, during and after the Challenge:
  1. “I'm noticing she is way more enthusiastic when it's time to eat and is waiting early for her Purina one food.”
  2. “She loves the new food and picks it out and is not eating her original food Transition is going better than expected as she is a fussy cat and will not eat treats.”
  3. Kitties just love it. adding in old food and they are picking through the bowl.
  4.  “...my boy Baylee needs to lose a few pounds...want him around as long as I am around :)”
  5.  “It looks to me like deedee has lost a little weight! Looking good kitty!”
  6. “Her litter is far easier to clean solids from. The solid waste is much less, and better looking.”
  7. “G loves his food!”
  8. “The cats seem to really like the taste better with the One mixed in.”
  9. “Luna's Coat is softer, and she is more active and bright. I haven't seen any soft stool since the switch!”
  10. “Not sure if max is ready to leap tall buildings, but he is playing more.”
  11.  “Food time, do you think the cats are excited? lol!
  12. “Although my kimba has only one eye, his eye is brighter and shiny and not all musky like before."
  13. “Rascal is definitely more eager to eat. When her bowl is empty, she’ll come and find me. It’s almost ridiculous. I was wary of changing her food, but I’ve never seen her eat like this. I will definitely continue using Purina ONE because it makes her so happy!" - Jen W.
  14. "The transition was a 'no-brainer.' Tiger was eager to eat breakfast every morning." -Donna T.
  15. “In the morning Kayo jumps up on his litter box to ‘help’ me get his food down for him!” –Sara W.
  16. “The transition was easy. I had to put his food higher up because he kept wanting to get into it!” – Sara W.
  17.  “Burt is eating very eagerly.”
  18. “Time to wake up the kitties and start a new food!”
  19. “Her dental health has improved, and I never realized that her food was the reason!” 
  20. “The less waste part is soooo true, I use to have to clean the box so many times during the day now I only have to clean it twice! Playful? too playful his best time is at night when my kids are asleep!”
  21. “All together this month has been great he hasn't had any trouble using the bathroom and he seems to be doing great accepting his new food.”
  22.  “We love the new Purina One Urinary health! Thank you! So glad our cat is okay, we have had him since my daughter was born and would be devastated if we didn't have this food to help his immune and health systems!!!!”
  23. “They DEVOUR it, glad to see this 24 hours later as I was worried they wouldn't like it since they are all so fussy.” –Katrina M.
  24. “Since I’ve switched him to Purina he’s been able to have solid stool and have been smaller.”
  25. “Bear is an older guy, so we're trying the Vibrant Maturity. So far, so good! We're trying the wet food too, since he's always been a fan of ‘the meats.’” –April K.
  26. “Miles has really taken to this food!” – Bill E.
  27. “Ted loves eating Purina dry food. I'm not EXAGGERATING when I say he runs In circles around the kitchen in excitement when we hive it to him everyday.”
  28.  “My cats have been a lot more energized and playful.” 
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