Cat Safety: How to Plan for an Emergency with Your Cat

Planning Ahead: Make an Emergency Kit For Your Cat

Floods or fires. Hurricanes or tornados. Gas leaks or power outages.

They’re scenarios you’d rather not think about. But each can disrupt your life at home.

Have you thought about what you would take with you or where you would go if you and your cat were forced to leave your home in a moment’s notice?

It pays to have a plan.

Here’s a checklist of things you should consider when preparing an Emergency Kit for your cat.


Here's a checklilst of the must-haves.

      -  Cache of Food- Dry & Wet

      -  Bottle Water

      -  Unbreakable dishes (2)

      -  Dish soap and sponge/rag

      -  Towel

      -  Blanket

      -  Toy(s)

      -  Flashlight or Glow Stick

      -  Disposable Litter Box & Litter

      -  A Backup Collar Tag/ID

      -  Leash & Harness

      -  Travel Carrier

      -  Medication (if applicable)

      -  First Aid Kit (gauze, bandages, scissors, cippers, wound disinfectant, etc.)

      -  Picture of Your Cat – As Proof-of-Ownership or to share if you get separated 

Remember to be conscious of expiration dates with food or medication. So it pays to set a reminder to “rotate stock” on a routine basis – like every 3-4 months depending on the shelf life.


If you haven't already, you could have a microchip placed inside your cat. About the size of a grain of rice, this allows veterinarians, rescues and animal shelters to identify your cat and trace ownership back to you in the event you get separated.


Organize a Contact List with phone numbers and addresses with:

      -  Pet-Friendly Hotels Near You

      -  Shelter/Humane Society Contact Info

      -  Boarding Kennels

      -  Veterinarian

      -  Vaccination Records

You could set up a Google Map or a Folder in a file saving app like Evernote. Just be sure to keep hardcopies in case you get separated from your Smartphone, or you’re in a situation where you’re unable to recharge your battery. 


The likelihood of you and your cat getting displaced from your home is small. But taking a little time to prepare can make a big difference in a time of crisis.  

When you have a plan in place, and necessities at hand, you can make the immediate hours in a period of upheaval a little more manageable. Plus, it frees up your energies to focus on tackling the next challenge ahead. Especially the details that get you and your cat back home.


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