Cat Camp in New York City

First-Ever Cat Camp, Sponsored by Purina ONE

Cat health is revealed from the inside out, and Purina ONE brought the outside in with the first-ever, indoor Cat Camp in the heart of New York City.

Cat Camp Image 2

At Purina ONE’s Cat Camp, 1,352 campers experienced what whole body health means for their cat. Campers enjoyed interacting with adoptable cats. And, thanks to Cat Camp, several lucky felines are now enjoying a new, forever home.

Cat Camp Image 1

During the pop-up event, Cat Camp counselors guided campers through a series of activities inspired by a healthy cat’s routine. Campers learned why cats seek high places, discovered how to make stretching (inspired by our cats) an important part of a healthy, daily routine, learned about the importance of physical and mental stimulation in a cat’s routine and learned how to check for whole body health in cats.

Cat Camp Image 3

To learn more about positively impacting your cat’s whole body health, visit


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