Make a DIY Hideout for Your Cat

Hideout for you cat

You’ve seen your cat seek shelter beneath a bed or behind a sofa. Maybe it’s amongst your houseplants. If there’s a place to lay low in your home, your cat will find it.

As we get ready for Maker Faire in New York City, September 21-22, 2013, we’ve noticed there are an increasing number of ideas popping up online around things you can make for your cat.

While there are cool pieces of furniture or fabric tunnels that are tailored for cats available in stores, give some thought to the easy things you can do to make your home environment more cat-friendly. 

One way is by making a hideout that appeals to your cat’s desire to have a safe place to lay low throughout the day. In nature, cats will seek the sheltered confines of borrows abandoned by other animals or within canopies of foliage on the ground. A really simple way to mimic these scenarios is by making a cardboard hidey box. Here’s how.

What you need:
Cardboard box
Shipping tape
X-ACTO or utility knife (Use under adult supervision.) 

Construction paper and non-toxic glue
Felt or fleece or carpet remnants 

How to Make it:

1. Build your box. Tape the flaps closed with shipping tape.

2. Use a pencil to sketch out the door your cat will use to enter and exit the box. Get creative with the shape and placement of windows or other openings.

3. Use the X-ACTO or utility knife to cut the door, windows or other openings.

4. Set it out for your cat to explore.


1. Use markers or construction paper to decorate the place.

2. Lining the floor of the box with felt or fleece gives your cat a comfortable place to lie, plus it captures her scent – truly making it her own.

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