Wet vs. Dry Cat Food: Better Together

Wet vs. Dry Cat Food - Working Together for a Healthy Cat

Proper hydration and overall cat health go hand in hand.

How so?

A properly hydrated cat requires enough water to maintain and replace daily fluids that are continuously lost through normal bodily functions. This makes water an essential nutrient required for biological processes for optimal health.

So besides setting out a dish or fountain of fresh water, how else can you get your cat the necessary fluids required for good health?

Try feeding both wet and dry cat food as part of your feeding routine.

To understand why this makes sense for your cat, it’s important to understand their physiology and behavior.

With roots tracing back to the arid regions of Africa and the Middle East, the ancestors of domestic cats adapted to their dry habitat by deriving much of their hydration from their prey. Your cat shares this physiology.

Beyond basic hydration, there are other positives that may result from serving a more diversified menu.

Cats in nature are opportunistic hunters and feed on a variety of prey. This means they get the nutrients they need from more than one source.

In addition, hunting cats usually leave nothing to waste - ingesting entire birds, rodents or other prey in a single sitting. As a result, the varying textures of bones, fur and feathers can help massage gums, clean teeth and move food material through the digestive tract.

What does this mean for your cat? Including both wet and dry cat food at mealtime is a great way to mimic these natural eating patterns. Here’s why.

Wet & Dry Food Chart


If you’re new to feeding wet cat food, our recommendation is to allow 7-10 days for introducing it to your cat’s diet. Also, you’ll want to pay close attention to the Daily Recommended Feeding Amounts to prevent overfeeding. You can find each on your package Purina ONE® dry cat food or in the Cat Food section of PurinaONE.com.

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