Best Place for Cat Food Dish

Dish Placement

Are you putting your cat’s food dish in the right place?

If your cat seems like she’s rushing through her meals, it might not be because she’s hungry. She might need to feel a little more secure before she can really enjoy her food – but there’s an easy way to help choose where to place your cat’s feeding dish.

Don’t corner your cat’s feeding station

When a cat eats in the wild, it’s a pretty vulnerable moment for her, so she needs to see what’s all around her to make sure she’s safe from danger. At home, if you’ve set your cat’s dish up against a wall, a corner, or the toekick of a cabinet, or even next to a large piece of furniture, your cat can’t see what’s coming toward her from the front or the sides. Try moving her dish somewhere where she can see in all directions – you may find she’s a lot more comfortable.

Keep competition and dog away from cat food

Cats know that other animals might want to steal their food, so, if you’ve got another cat, a dog, or even small children, your cat might feel threatened or uncomfortable when they get too close while she’s eating. Try giving her a secure space –  up high, in another room, or even behind a closed door – where she can eat without worrying about who might be coming by to barge in on her meal.

Your cat deserves to feel relaxed and happy while she’s eating so she can enjoy her food. With the right location and a little extra attention, you can help give her a mealtime she’ll look forward to.

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