Whole Body Health Appetite and Hydration

Appetite is often the first sign of health in your cat. That’s because as natural hunters, a cat’s day is focused on a cycle of seeking, eating and digesting food. When your cat is getting the balanced nutrition she needs for each life stage, it will show in her eating, behavioral and physical habits every day.


Start with a baseline of your cat’s daily preference for feeding. Check in and see how your cat eats over the next few days: Is your cat normally a quick eater? A grazer? By establishing your cat’s normal eating behaviors and patterns, you will be better able to notice when any small changes occur that could be indicators of your cat’s inner health.

Signs of Healthy Appetite

  • Comes to food bowl when placed out
  • Eager to eat
  • Consistent appetite
  • Eats recommended feeding amount

Signs of a Potential Problem

  • Not eating
  • Ravenous, gorging or overeating
  • Picky or selective eating


Cats evolved naturally to get most of their hydration from prey. While it’s important to always have a dish of fresh water available to your cat—or the running water most cats prefer—it can also be beneficial to provide your cat with wet foods that are high in moisture to help support your cat’s hydration.

Tip for Healthy Hydration

Purina ONE wet foods help provide the hydration cats naturally need, and can be combined with dry foods that provide the texture and crunch they love.

It’s also important cats have access at all times to clean, fresh water, preferably running. Cats have a natural tendency to drink flowing water, so setting up a fountain can help encourage cats to drink more.

Signs of Healthy Hydration

  • Drinking regularly from a dish, fountain or other water source
  • Tendency to drink after play or eating
  • Elastic supple skin
  • Healthy coat

Signs of a Potential Problem

  • Obsessive drinking or not drinking at all
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Skin that feels rigid or inflexible
  • Change in litter box usage, such as less urination or going outside the box