Whole Body Health Starts Here

When cats are healthy, it shows in playtime, feeding time and downtime. It shows from head to tail. From the inside out.

The nutrition you give your cat every day plays an important role in how your cat looks and feels. That’s why every ingredient in Purina ONE cat food has been carefully selected by our experts to promote your cat’s whole body health for life.

Since cats count on you to keep them healthy and happy, you can do your part by giving them the nutrition they need for each life stage and checking in with them every day to make sure they’re on track for years to come.

Building Blocks of Lifelong Health

Starting today is simple. First, establish your cat’s current baseline for appetite, behavior and body condition. It is important to do this periodically, as a cat’s typical routines and behaviors can change with each life stage.


Appetite is often the first sign of health in your cat. That’s because as natural hunters, a cat’s day is focused on a cycle of seeking, eating and digesting food. When your cat is getting the balanced nutrition she needs for each life stage, it will show in her eating habits.

Start with a baseline of your cat’s daily feeding routine. Check in and see how your cat eats over the next few days: Is your cat normally a quick eater? A grazer? By establishing your cat’s normal eating behaviors and patterns, you will be better able to notice when any small changes occur that could be indicators of a deeper health issue.


Now that you’ve established a baseline for your cat’s daily feeding routine, it’s time to determine your cat’s typical daily sleep and play patterns. When your cat feels good on the inside, it’s revealed on the outside in how she plays, sleeps and interacts with you every day.

Begin by monitoring your cat’s behavior for several days. Does she tend to socialize after eating? Before? When does she play and how often? When does she rest? Take note so you can look for any changes that could be signs of a potential health issue.


Physical signs that your cat is getting the nutrition he or she needs for whole body health can be seen every day, from teeth to tail. Along with establishing a baseline of your cat’s typical daily appetite and behaviors, it’s important to look at your cat’s current body condition. Is your cat’s coat shiny? Are her eyes clear? Are her gums pink and her teeth healthy?

By performing daily “checkups” of your cat’s physical health, you can help monitor how your cat is feeling and discover any changes that could be outward indicators of your cat’s health.

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