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What Healthy Eyes Look Like

After three weeks, your dog's health is reflected in his bright, healthy eyes. Purina ONE dry dog food contains concentrations of vitamins E and A that help keep your dog's eyes healthy, making sure he sees the world the way he's meant to.

Bright Eyes

When a dog gets the vitamins he needs to support eye health, his eyes look bright. The balance of vitamins in Purina ONE supports your dog’s eye health, and when his eyes are healthy, your dog may be more alert and responsive to the world around him.

Clean Lashes*

Healthy eyes are eyes that are, for the most part, clear of discharge, with clean lashes and eyelids. When your dog’s eyes look clean, it’s a sign that they’re getting the nutrients they need to help them stay healthy and work hard for your dog.

* Even dogs with healthy eyes may have some discharge.

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