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Signs of healthy teeth and gums

By the end of the 28-Day Challenge, your dog should show signs of good dental health.* Purina ONE dry dog food contains calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D, which help support strong and healthy teeth. The crunchy texture and density of the kibble also helps keep teeth clean and reduce plaque, supporting healthy gums. 

*While Purina ONE can help maintain good dental health, it's not a substitute for your dog's current dental care. Every dog owner should be sure to check with a veterinarian for recommendations on dental care.

Clean Teeth

Healthy teeth look mostly white or off-white. When your dog eats Purina ONE, the crunchy kibble help to reduce the buildup of plaque, supporting the health and cleanliness of your dog’s teeth.

Healthy Gums

Helping reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque supports healthy gums in most dogs, which, in turn, helps support overall health. Healthy gums also help increase the likelihood that a dog can eat without discomfort. A dog’s gums can range in color from black to pink, but healthy gums will look clean and smooth rather than red or inflamed. 

Fresh Breath

When a dog’s dental health is good and his teeth are clean, his breath is more likely to be fresh. Fresher, better-smelling breath may be one of the signs that your dog’s mouth is healthy.

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