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Visible differences in your dog's skin and coat

How to tell when a dog's skin and coat are healthy

At the 21-day mark, your dog's coat and skin should be showing the benefits of the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals provided by Purina ONE dry food. These nutrients help nourish the skin and coat and keep your dog looking his best.

Shiny Coat

When your dog is getting the nutrients he needs, it shows. Vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, and minerals like selenium and zinc all help nourish your dog's glossy, healthy coat.

Supple Skin

For dogs, healthy skin means hydrated skin. When your dog gets the nutrients he needs, his skin should be smooth and elastic. Healthy skin is important for your dog because it's his first line of defense – it helps protect him from the environment and keep every other part of his body healthy, too.

Healthy Hair

Hair that's rich in color and glossy is a clear sign that your dog’s coat is getting the support it needs from the nutrients in his food. The balanced nutrition in Purina ONE can help improve both the look and feel of your dog’s coat.

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