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Purina ONE can change the way your dog eats. You could see more energy and excitement around the food bowl — thanks to a great taste packed with real protein as the #1 ingredient.

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Energy You Can See

Proper nutrition helps your dog have healthy energy and enthusiasm. Your dog might want to play longer, take longer walks and be happier overall.

High Digestibility = Less Waste

Purina ONE formulas are highly digestible, helping maximize the absorption of nutrients so more nutrition goes to work inside your dog. In short, look for smaller, firmer stools.

Bright Eyes and Shiny Coat

Purina ONE contains balanced nutrients, including vitamins A and E to support clear, alert eyes and a rich, luxuriant coat.

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28 Day Challenge

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28 Day Challenge

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"When you switch the diet, you see how healthy they become and how energetic. You can see it in his eyes in the morning."

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