A Difference You Can See in Your Dog's Eyes


When you've completed the 28-Day Challenge, you might see your dog's health reflected in his bright eyes. Dog owners who took the Challenge with us saw the way Purina ONE's complete nutrition helped keep their dogs' eyes healthy, making sure they see the world the way they're meant to.

See what they had to say about their dogs’ eyes:

“But then when you actually do switch the diet and you see how healthy they become and how energetic and you can even see it in his eyes in the morning when he’s looking at you. He’s awake and excited.”
– Jordan C.

“She just looks really good. She looks really healthy. Her eyes look really clear. Her coat looks nice and shiny.”
– Erinna W.

Asheville eyes 1

“There’s a brightness in his eyes…I promise you his eyes look brighter to me.”
– Mel N.

“You are what you eat. You eat healthy. You live healthy and it really shows, whether it’s in humans or in animals, you see it in their eyes, in their skin, in their coat, so she’s doing good and she’s really working well with the Purina One food.”
– Alexandra H.

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