Asheville, North Carolina, Took 28 Day Challenge

28-Day Challenge

The Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge is an opportunity for dog lovers to switch their dogs' food and see what differences they might notice – from a shiny coat, to bright eyes.  So why did we choose a town like Asheville, North Carolina as the launch pad for the Challenge?

It’s simple: Ashevillians are people who love their dogs – so much so that they have become part of the fabric that makes up the town. Walk down the charming streets downtown and you’ll notice water bowls, specialty pet businesses, dog-friendly bars and cafes, and, most importantly, dogs. Lots of them.

“It’s wonderful,” said Duncan C., 23, an art student. “I’d never experienced it before I moved here in 2012. People will, you know, go inside the bank with their dogs. They will sit down and have lunch with their dogs, and everyone is super cool with it.”

Asheville recap 1

So what better place to challenge hundreds of dog owners to swap their food, and observe the differences they might see? 

Duncan is one of over 300 Asheville residents who stepped up to the Challenge, which had him switching his dog’s food to Purina ONE dry dog food. The goal? To keep an eye on his dog’s coat, energy level, skin, teeth, breath, and digestive output, and see what differences Purina ONE made in his dog’s life.

Jennifer T.’s family also took the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge. Her family adopted their dog Scamp after falling in love with him while volunteering at a local dog shelter, Brother Wolf. On a recent visit to the vet, Scamp’s family discovered that their 18-pound terrier-mix was a couple of pounds overweight. Jennifer wanted to find out what visible differences they might see after switching to a new food. During the Challenge, Jennifer’s family, like many families, had something of a revelation about what their dog’s food could do for them.

Asheville recap 2

“He certainly seems more energetic running around the yard. We’ve been taking him on lots of family walks – we do a lot of family walks lately, which has been really nice,” said Jennifer’s husband, Jeff.

Over the course of 28 days in Asheville, we captured incredible stories from people who joined Purina ONE at the kickoff event, transitioned to the food, and spent the following 28 days observing their dogs. After a month, one thing became abundantly clear: the people who chose to make a simple change in their dogs’ lives – most of them not expecting to see much in return—observed a range of results, from clean teeth and healthy gums that made doggy kisses sweeter, to softer coats that made cuddle time more pleasant.

Read and watch more about what the people of Asheville discovered during the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge. And if you’re ready to start – sign up, and track your dog’s experienceWe want to know what you might see.


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