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About a week into the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge, you might notice that your dog has more energy. When we talked to dog owners who took the Challenge, they told us just how energetic their dogs were – and how much of a difference it made in both their lives.

Here’s the difference Purina ONE made for their dogs:

“He’s an 8-year-old dog and he’s running like the wind around here. I didn’t think it was possible for him to have more energy, but he does. I’m pretty impressed.”
– Jeanne R.

“I’ve noticed his energy level is more. When we had him at the dog park the other day, he just ran more than usual. He can go longer now than he used to be able to. I think he’s got more energy on this new food, this Purina One. I really do.”
– Suzy M.

“After taking the Purina One 28-Day Challenge, we’ve noticed that both Bogie and Rue have increased energy. They look more healthy and they act more alive.”
– Jordan C.

Asheville Energy

“Sophie has shown a little bit more energy in her play. She’s playing with toys more, running around in the backyard, playing with other dogs. She’s just reminding me more of a younger version of herself. She’s playing like she did when she was younger – joyful play.” 

– Erinna W.

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