The Nelis-Ross family & their dog Finn | 28-Day Challenge

Success Story Finn and the Nelis-Ross Family

Get to know the Nelis-Ross family and their dog, Finn, who took the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with us in Asheville, North Carolina.

When Mel and Guy decided to get their daughters, Charlotte and Grace, a puppy for their birthdays, Finn was the lucky Goldendoodle they brought home. At first, he was small – all eyes and fur and big paws – but as he grew, the family realized he was going to be a big, energetic dog. And that’s just how he turned out.

“I remember one day taking him for a walk and my neighbors noticed – this was when he was very young – my neighbors noticed how big his feet were. And at that point I realized we were in real trouble,” Guy told us. 

“He’s just been a wonderful, mischievous ball of fur,” Mel added.

Every dog's experience and related results will be different. Purina ONE provided the Ashevillle families with Purina ONE dry dog food during their 28-Day Challenge.

The girls love playing with Finn, even if he’s a bit rambunctious, and tends to chew on a few things he shouldn’t.

“He likes to eat my shoes… and any of my stuff that he can find on the ground, like my homework. He’ll eat that too,” says Charlotte.

It was those eating habits – eating everything that WASN’T his food – that lead the Nelis-Ross Family sign up for the 28-Day Challenge and give Purina ONE SmartBlend Sensitive Systems a try.

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And now that it’s been 28 Days, how’s Finn doing? 

“I did not expect him to be interested in food at all, because, as I’ve said, he’s interested in eating everything but dog food.  So we were pleasantly surprised when he really seemed to enjoy it…I don’t think it occurred to either one of us that maybe he just didn’t like the flavors of what we had given him in the past,” says Mel.

Finn is a big, furry, energetic personality that fills the Nelis-Ross house with fun, and it’s easy to see just how much the whole family loves having him around.

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As Mel says, “He has a heart of gold wrapped up in a big old bubble of fur.“

Learn more about Purina ONE Sensitive Systems or, if you’re ready to take the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with your dog, get started now.

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