Great Food Keeps Dog Looking Best | 28 Day Challenge

Great Nutrition Helps Keep Your Dog Looking His Best

When you’re three weeks into the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge, the difference may be showing in your dog's skin and coat. Owners who took the Challenge with us saw their dogs’ coats take on a shine that made them look like the healthy and happy dogs they are.

Every dog's experience and related results will be different. Purina ONE provided the Asheville families with Purina ONE dry dog food during their 28-Day Challenge.

Here’s what they said about the difference Purina ONE made for their dogs:

"His coat’s already gotten a lot shinier.”
– Jeff T.

“Seymour’s coat has been really beautiful. There’s been a huge, huge change in the sheen of his coat...”
– Ryan C.

“I’ve actually been surprised – her coat’s been really shiny.”
– Alison D.

Asheville Skincoat1

“Her fur has been really nice. I really have noticed a difference in that.”
– Duncan C.

“Since she started the Purina One Vibrant Maturity I have noticed that her coat looks really great, she seems to be a lot more energetic, and she’s just more playful.”
– Erinna W.

“His fur is a lot softer... So we’re very pleased.”
– Guy R. 

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