How Do Dogs Know When to Be Gentle? Get Answers from Dognition

Dognition Senior Dogs

We love finding out more about the science of dogs – and sharing what we know with our fans. Dr. Brian Hare, a canine cognition expert from our partner, Dognition helped us answer a fan’s question about how dogs change their behavior to be gentle with other dogs.

When we asked our Facebook fans what they wanted to know most about their senior dogs, we got a great question about how younger dogs are sometimes gentler with older dogs, as though they know they need to be extra careful when they’re playing.


In the study Dr. Hare talked about in the video, researchers found that dogs often play more gently with other dogs, especially when they want to make sure other dogs know they’re interested in playing, rather than fighting.  As Dr. Hare mentioned, this is a subject we all want to learn more about, so we can discover new information about how younger and older dogs interact and play.

There’s a lot we can learn about our dogs, especially when we work together. The curiosity, questions and experience of dog lovers like you helps us work with partners like Dognition to discover more about our best friends every day. Join our Facebook community to ask a question or share a story about your senior dog.

Learn more about the partnership between Purina ONE and Dognition.

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