Incarcerated Men & Shelter Dogs Rehabilitate Each Other

Shelter Dogs Help Inmates

Purina ONE® teamed up with to highlight inspiring organizations that are doing innovative and unexpected things to connect with their local communities and promote positive perceptions of shelter pets. Read more about how pets—and the people who love them—can brighten lives and strengthen our communities at the GOOD Pets hub.

Michigan Humane Society has a unique approach to giving back to the community: pairing incarcerated adult males with behaviorally-challenged dogs so that both can reenter society productively. Through a partnership with Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan, dogs awaiting adoption receive one-on-one training and a home for ten weeks with residents of the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater, Michigan.

Shelter Pets Help Inmates

Whatever the reason for the dogs' history—maybe former owners never trained them, or they were left on the street—MHS will put them back in school so that they can become socialized, trained, and more adoptable. "We're on constant watch for dogs with challenging behaviors that would benefit from RPSM. Once the canines are assessed by our behaviorists to make certain they are not dog aggressive, food bowl aggressive, and weigh more than twelve pounds, they may be considered for the program," MHS Community Outreach Director Marie Skladd says. 

Through the RPSM program, the community experiences a win-win. Dogs' lives are saved and incarcerated adult males get the chance to provide a service to the community.

Read the whole story on the GOOD Pets Hub.

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