Fan Guide to Finding Lost Pets

dog walking alone on path

When pets go missing, it's important for owners and their families to be proactive about locating them. We asked our Facebook community to share ideas and advice for finding a lost pet. Here are some of the valuable tips they had to share:

The Neighborhood

"If you have vacant houses that people go in and out of and your cat goes missing (or even neighbors with sheds they don't go into every day) ask them to check inside." - Cathy H.

"It's important to search all sheds, garages and other hiding spots every day. Go out late at night and call for the cat. If he hears you he'll respond." - Patricia K.


"If doing fliers, insert them in mailboxes as well. Also include when and where animal was lost." - Julie A.

"When posting pics of pet, either have the pic in color, or describe what color the animal is." - Christine S.

"Post signs w/ pics at every street corner in all directions." - Carla S.

"Give a flyer to your mailman. I know two people whose dogs were recovered when they got a call from the mailman who saw them while he was out on his route." - Amy V.

Spread the word

"Post on Craigslist Lost and Found with a picture and other internet lost and found sites. There are many people out there monitoring these sites and will match your lost pet up with a found pet listing or a shelter listing." - Stacy B.

"Look on" - Maria G.

"Most local papers will let you put an ad in the paper for free if your pet is missing until you find it!" - Kristin G.

"Email picture to all neighbors" - Maria G.

"Call pet stores, vets, shelters, pounds." - Carey N.

"Call every shelter in your area, even if you think it's not likely that they'd be there. You never know who may pick up your pet on their way back home, and their home may not be yours." - Lowcountry P.


"We have tiny tags on our three boxers and two cats with our email in case we can't be reached by phone." - Amy S.

"Add the following to your tag: 'If I'm out, I'm lost.'" - Julie A.


"Microchip your pets, whether they are indoors or outdoors." - Rebecca B.

"Make sure to enter the info on the microchip's website!" - Kathy B.

Be Prepared

"The best tip I can offer is always keep a picture of your pet handy." - Mary E.


"Don't give up hope & keep looking!" - Wendy D.

"Don't give up hope!" - Carla S.

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