Meet Alison, Jordan Dogs Bogie & Rue

Alison, Jordan, Bogie and Rue

Get to know Alison and Jordan and their dogs, Bogie and Rue, who took the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with us in Asheville, North Carolina.

Alison and Jordan owe a lot to Bogie and Rue – in fact, they owe their whole relationship to their dogs, who brought them together one chilly winter’s day at the dog park.

Bogie and Rue met first and became fast friends, and, when Jordan and Alison quickly found out how much they had in common, it didn’t take long for romance to follow. 

“These two actually brought us together,” says Jordan, “And they know it, too. They give us that guilt trip every time they do something bad.”

Now that Alison and Jordan are in a relationship and have bought a house together, Bogie and Rue are roommates. They’re getting along so well, it’s like they’ve never been apart.

“They’re best friends,” says Alison. “They run and play together great. And then they snuggle up and cuddle with us too… it’s pretty ideal.”

Since they’ve started the 28-Day Challenge, Jordan and Alison feel like their relationship with Bogie and Rue is even stronger – and their dogs have experienced some amazing differences.

“When you actually do switch the diet,” says Jordan, “you see how healthy they become and how energetic – and you can even see it in his eyes in the morning when he’s looking at you. He’s awake and excited.”

From a chance meeting at the dog park to best friends for life, Jordan and Alison and Bogie and Rue have come a long way together – and they’ve got a great journey ahead of them.

“They’re just so loving and loyal,” says Alison. “My favorite time is when we’re both sitting here and both dogs are sitting on us, and just cuddling… you can just tell they’re happy.”

Learn more about Purina ONE or, if you’re ready to take the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with your dog, get started now.

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