Put Nutrition to Work In Your Dog | 28 Day Challenge

Put Nutrition to Work Inside Your Dog

Two weeks into the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge, the change you’ve made for your dog could mean smaller and firmer stools during his trips outside. It may not be a very glamorous topic, but it’s made a big difference to dog owners who’ve taken the Challenge with us – and to the dogs they love.

Every dog's experience and related results will be different. Purina ONE provided the Asheville families with Purina ONE dry dog food during their 28-Day Challenge.

Here’s what they had to say:

“He used to have to go to the bathroom multiple times during the day. And especially in the winter when we’re inside, he would go out and come in and go out and come in. And now he’s definitely more regular, which is amazing… once you see how it is having healthy food in him, you can see the transition and you can see that he’s happier.”
– Jordan C.

“His gas isn’t bothering him or us anymore.”
– Alison D. 


“He really enjoys eating it and apparently he’s absorbing more, because there is less waste going in that doggie receptacle for sure.”
– Mel N.

“After Finn started eating Purina One Sensitive Systems he started pooping less and I’m really glad because we’re on poop patrol. So we don’t have to pick up as much poop.”
– Charlotte R., Age 7

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