Powering a Brighter Tomorrow

Powering a Brighter Tomorrow

Making a positive impact with our pet food means more than just choosing the best ingredients for pets. It also means finding the smartest ways to create, package and distribute the final product.

One of the great things about owning our manufacturing facilities—we operate 24 Purina-owned plants across the United States and Canada—is that we can make decisions that directly affect and improve these processes every day.

Back in 2008, we decided to take a close look at how using solar power could be a positive step toward our larger goal of making our plants more energy efficient and friendly to the environment. Not knowing exactly what we'd find, we started small with a 100-kilowatt group of solar panels at our plant in Denver. The results were encouraging, and they inspired more of our facilities to look at renewable energy sources. We soon added solar installations at our Flagstaff, Ariz. facility and at our company headquarters in St. Louis.

As of March 2013, we've hit a major milestone in our burgeoning commitment to sustainable energy. With the launch of a large solar panel array at our plant in Atlanta, we've increased the total amount of solar energy sourced to one megawatt - roughly equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power an average U.S. home for over one month

Harnessing the pure, renewable power of the sun's rays is a lot like our approach to pet nutrition: looking to nature for the best ways to deliver what's truly essential. By reducing our impact on the environment, we're also reducing our energy costs, freeing up more resources for what matters most: creating foods that nourish the lives of pets everywhere.

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