Ryan & his dogs Keller & Seymour

Ryan, Keller and Seymour

Get to know Ryan and his dogs, Keller and Seymour, who took the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with us in Asheville, North Carolina.

Ryan adopted Seymour years ago, and has loved having his company, but when he saw a picture of Keller, who’s completely blind, on a local shelter website last year, he knew he was destined to add another dog to the household.

At first, Keller’s energy was a little overwhelming for Seymour, who’s getting on in years, but soon the two became fast friends – and more than that, Seymour began looking after Keller in a pretty incredible way.

“She [Keller]’s gone her whole life without any vision… it’s her normal… And Seymour is a wonderful guide for her. Seymour really takes care of her and makes sure that, you know, she stays out of trouble,” says Ryan.

But Keller’s not the only one who benefits; Seymour thrives on their relationship, too.

“It definitely helps keep Seymour very young. And I think it’s really healthy for him as he continues to mature.  I think he really benefits from having her energy and her youth… keeping him very active and healthy.”

Ryan Secondary1

Ryan decided to take the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge to get Seymour interested in his food again. Because Seymour was eating slowly and without much enthusiasm, Keller sometimes finished off her food and then his – which wasn’t good for either of them.

So, how did the 28-Day Challenge work for them?

“Seymour is so much more engaged with his diet, and we’re no longer having any issues as far as Seymour being protective about his food. It’s really improved the quality of their lives together,” Ryan told us. 

It’s pretty incredible the way Seymour and Keller depend on each other every day – and the way Ryan depends on them both. 

As Ryan says, “You know they’re really a huge sense of home for us… these guys really bring a lot of life to our life.” 

Ryan Secondary2

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