The Difference Taste Can Make

See the Difference Taste Can Make

When you start the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge, you might be surprised to see the difference taste can make for your dog. Families who took the Challenge with us this year were amazed at how much of a difference they saw in their dogs’ enthusiasm, excitement, and eagerness to eat – right from Day One.

Here’s what they had to say:

“He’s picky; he was always picky. And I was supplementing with people food just to get him to eat. Now I don’t have to put a thing [on it]. He eats everything. Every bit of Purina ONE that’s in that bowl, he eats it.”
– Jeanne R.

“His food used to sit there for hours before. Once we started putting that [Purina ONE] in there, he chows it down pretty quick.”
– Guy R.

“From the very first day when we started transitioning over to the new food, he actually went to the bowl, picked out the new food, ate the Purina ONE and then went back and ate his own.”
– Jeff T.

Asheville taste 1

“Seymour, who’s 9, he’s lost interest in his food a little bit and actually the first day that we started mixing in the new food he was in for it right away. [He’s] been really, really excited about it.”
– Ryan C.

“He likes his new food. He’s very happy. He’s much more interested in what we put in his bowl than he used to be, which is fun."
– Jennifer T.

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