Wet/Canned Dog Food

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Do you like to feed your dog a variety of flavors? Does your dog ever seem disinterested in his dry food? Do you enjoy rewarding your dog with treats? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider adding wet dog food, or canned dog food, to your dog’s feeding routine.

Many dog owners think they need to choose either wet or dry dog food, but you can feed both! There are many ways to incorporate wet food into your dog’s diet.

Wet Dog Food As a Topper
You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day, so why would your dog? A topper of wet dog food is a great way to give your dog flavor variety without changing his main dry diet, which could lead to digestive upset. Simply add wet food to his dry kibble at each meal. If you add a wet dog food topper, slightly reduce the amount of dry kibble per meal to avoid weight gain. See packaging for the right amounts to serve your dog.

This may also be an option for picky eaters that prefer a softer texture, or senior dogs that are showing less interest in their food. A dog’s sense of taste and smell may decline with age, so adding wet or canned dog food can add palatability and enjoyment to their meal. However, if your dog is showing a significant loss of appetite, first consult your veterinarian to rule out any medical causes before changing his diet.

Wet Dog Food On Its Own
Many wet or canned dog foods, such as Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Entrées, are nutritionally complete for adult dogs, so they can be fed on their own. Dogs with dental problems, for example, may find dry kibble painful to chew, so wet food may be a better option.

Choosing a Wet Dog Food
Wet and canned dog food comes in many different flavors and even different forms, including ground pâtés and stews in gravy. But, with all of these options, how can you know which is best for your dog? Take a look at the ingredient lists, and choose foods with real protein as the first or second ingredient. Try a few out and see what your dog likes. Have fun with it! When in doubt, online canned dog food reviews can be very helpful when choosing as well.

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