Purina ONE and Dognition: Working Together to Help You Understand Your Dog


When you give your dog a command, what goes through his mind?

What does it mean when he stares longingly into your eyes? Treat? Go out? Play? Something else entirely?

At Purina ONE, we’re committed to learning all we can about dogs – and in ways that aren’t limited to nutrition. One way is by digging deep into the ways dogs think about and process the world around them.

To help us learn more, we’ve partnered with Dognition, an innovative team of researchers dedicated to unlocking the workings of a dog’s mind. Founded by Dr. Brian Hare, Director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center at Duke University, the team contains leading members of the dog intelligence research community from around the world.

The Dognition team has identified five cognitive dimensions that factor into how dogs think: empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning. Looking at these dimensions can reveal the strategies your dog uses to solve life’s everyday problems and determine which of nine profiles describes him best. Is he a fiercely independent Maverick, a sensitive Socialite or a Renaissance Dog that’s good at a little bit of everything? Does he rely on your direction or his own memory to find things? Can he solve new problems spontaneously? Unlike traditional “IQ tests” that take a pass/fail approach, Dognition goes deeper to illuminate how your dog relates to you and the world. Even longtime owners are often surprised by what they discover about their furry friend.

You and Your Dog Can Play a Part

By playing the Dognition games or becoming an ongoing member, you’ll immediately start learning about how your dog thinks. You’ll also be helping other dogs and their owners by building an even larger case of comparisons to fuel continuing research into canine cognition. 

You’ll describe your dog in an online questionnaire and then play five sets of games together. After you’re done, you'll get a detailed report (see a sample here) that analyzes your dog's behavior and gives you a detailed look at how he’s wired. 

By deepening your understanding of the way your dog processes information and solves everyday problems, you’ll improve your understanding of what makes your dog tick. And that can only lead to a richer life together. 

Ready to discover how your dog thinks? It’s time to find out. 

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