How to Switch Your Dog's Food

It’s always best to transition your pet’s diet slowly to avoid potential stomach upset and allow your pet’s digestive system to adjust to any new ingredients.

  • Days 1–2

    Introduce Purina ONE to your pet in small amounts, still feeding primarily the old food.

  • Days 3–4

    Feed a little bit more Purina ONE to your pet each day.

  • Days 5–6

    Gradually increase the amount of Purina ONE food and decrease your pet’s former food until you are feeding Purina ONE exclusively.

  • Days 7–10

    By now you should be feeding your pet exclusively Purina ONE.

Questions About Switching

Here are a few common questions about switching.

  • Is it safe to switch my pet’s food?

    Yes, unless your veterinarian recommends otherwise. Be sure to make the process a slow transition that will be easier on your pet’s stomach.

  • How can I try Purina ONE?

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  • How can I get advice from other pet owners?

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Are you considering switching to Purina ONE?

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