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      1. 1987

        We Become The First Pet Food Sold in Grocery and Mass to Make Real Meat Our #1 Ingredient

        By making real meat the #1 ingredient in Purina ONE, we were able to provide nutrition with a unique, super premium quality that wasn't available for pets at the time.

        • Underweight
        • Ideal
        • Overweight


        Our Body Condition Score Helps Fight Pet Obesity

        In our research, we were discovering the benefits of keeping a pet lean and healthy, but there wasn't a simple way for customers to understand whether or not their pets were overweight. A simple body condition score chart developed by Purina helped customers understand just by looking at their pets. We also made sure to incorporate our learnings into our feeding instructions on our packages, in order to help customers get their pets to a healthy weight.

      2. 2000

        The Purina Life-Span Study Results Helps Purina ONE Optimize Our Feeding Recommendations

        A 14-year life-span study conducted by Purina researchers revealed that by feeding dogs to ideal body condition throughout their lives, you can extend their healthy years (1.8 years for dogs in the study). We worked that information into the Purina ONE feeding instructions, which are optimized to help keep regular, active dogs lean and healthy.

      3. 2001

        Our Targeted Nutrition Formulas Help Owners Tailor Their Pets' Diets to Their Needs

        As we did more research, we were finding different ingredient combinations that could benefit certain types of pets, beyond life stage specific formulations. We released our Weight Management and Large Breed adult formulas to suit pets' unique nutritional needs.

      4. 2003

        We Include a Guaranteed Level of Glucosamine from Natural Sources in Certain Dog Products

        Glucosamine is an important nutrient naturally found in the body that helps support healthy joints. We use certain ingredients that are naturally rich sources of glucosamine in our formulas.

      5. 2004

        Our Sensitive Systems Formulas Offer Special Nutrition for Sensitive Pets

        Certain pets, like certain people, have certain sensitivities. To address the special nutritional needs of these pets, we designed a set of formulas that offer highly digestible nutrition plus high levels of skin-essential nutrients for healthy skin and coat.

      6. 2007

        Elements of Soy Help Reduce Pet Obesity

        We introduced specific components of soy into our weight management formulas to help dog owners manage their pets' weight more effectively, especially in instances like spay or neuter, when a slower metabolism and increased weight gain and fat gain can result. Certain beneficial components of soy help the dog's energy metabolism maintain a normal level. This nutrition, with a reduced calorie level, helps them maintain a healthy weight.

      7. 2008

        We Discover a Way to Help Keep Aging Dogs' Minds Bright

        As dogs age, their brains have a more difficult time absorbing glucose, the brain’s primary energy source, causing diminished mental clarity. We developed a way to enable dogs to access an alternative energy source, medium-chain triglycerides, that their aging brains can better absorb. Eating food containing a specific amount of this type of energy was shown to help retain their ability to function like a normal adult dog. This innovation can now be found in our SMARTBLEND Vibrant Maturity Senior Formula.

      8. 2010

        Shredded Kibble Means More Palatable Food for Dogs

        Discovering a way to make a shredded texture in our kibble meant that our foods became more palatable for dogs, who like a soft texture. It also made the food more appealing to dog owners who want to have additional variety than regular brown kibble provides to feed their pets.

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