Feeding Shelters, Fueling Change

Feeding Shelters, Fueling Change

Our commitment to shelter pets goes way beyond what’s in their bowl.

Because pet food is our passion, feeding is a natural place to start when it comes to supporting shelters. We proudly donate more than 2 million bowls of food each year to shelters all over the country — including the 19 remarkable organizations that make up our Shelter Partner network. By providing complete and balanced nutrition for shelter pets, we’re supporting their bright eyes, shiny coat and healthy energy that can help shelter visitors see the beauty in every pet.

But focusing on just one aspect of anything can leave too many important issues untouched. That’s why we do more than just provide quality food for pets awaiting adoption. We also go beyond nutrition to connect with shelter staff, pet supporters and potential adopters in ways that illuminate the greatness of all pets and increase their chances of finding a loving home. 

For example, we’ve partnered with photographer Nanette Martin to better understand how simple photo techniques can help to change misperceptions of shelter pets by highlighting their true beauty. A series of related videos includes basic photography tips and instructions on how to create a DIY pet photo studio.

In partnership with GOOD, we also launched a GOOD Pets Hub as a place where pet supporters and people of all kinds could read about the amazing difference pets make in our lives.We shined a light on some of the remarkable things shelters across the United States are doing to support pets and people in their communities, from innovative advertising to inmate rehabilitation.

We also worked with artist Theron Humphrey to spark meaningful conversations about shelter pets and the reasons people choose to adopt. Why We Rescue is an online storytelling project aimed at telling 50 stories — one for each state — through captivating photos and first-person interviews with pet owners. Collectively, these stories reveal the rich lessons shelter pets teach us about our own lives.

Learn more about the many ways we’re working with shelters here.


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