About Purina ONE®

Learn about the 3 core values that guide Purina ONE.

At Purina ONE, all of our actions are guided by our 3 core values.

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Discovery is the first step toward innovation. That's why we hire nutrition scientists who are experts in their fields to constantly elevate our understanding of your pet's needs. Explore our site to learn more about our discoveries that have pushed the pet food industry forward.

Positive Difference

We believe in improving the world, one pet at a time. That's why we partner with shelters across the United States, feeding the pets that pass through their doors.

Social Conscience

We're always looking for ways we can apply our values to the changing world around us. That's why we keep a close ear to what our community cares about most, and reflect that in the way we do business. From taking small steps toward improving the environmental profile of our products and packaging to working the latest nutritional innovation into pet food, we're always looking for ways we can do right by the world, and by your pet.